The Hopeless Optimist

I always thought optimism was a good thing. It keeps you going, on your feet, ready to take on any challenge, striving to achieve your goal, blah blah blah. Until recently, when i realised how over-optimism can be a disease. Gnawing at your insides. Always making you hope against hope. Making you overlook the reality, the facts that point to the truth.Hence the title ‘The Hopeless Optimist’. And the dissection of this life-threatening disease. The nerve wracking optimism that even if you’re staring death in the face tells you, “This is where superman will come and carry me away to safety”. The kind where you’re looking at your love exchanging wedding vows with their love and still thinking, “Ok. He/she’s gonna turn to me the next second and realise it’s me he/she loves. And then it’ll be me standing at the altar.” The kind where you take baby steps towards your dreams hoping that someone will see the IMMENSE potential hidden behind those steps and you’ll be “discovered”. Hah!Phew! Screw everybody who says optimism is good!

It’s a disease. It gnaws at your insides. It hurts man.Hoping against hope till the nail-biting climax is a movie funda. In reality, hopeless optimists stay just there, hoping against hope.

© 2013 Ankita Kala

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