I had read that putting your positive thoughts on paper makes them more profound. Man! Am i realising it ever since i started this blog?!Day 2 of looking for something special in a day.

And i have more than one thing today too?! Now this is something i never expected. Seriously!The first – A gentleman, a visitor to my office who actually turned that boring place into one helluva party. I couldn’t have imagined standing and chatting like that! Wow! His vivacity just changed the atmosphere of that place. Music in my kinda office!!! I mean, Wow! This person being so senior to me still spoke to me like a friend. What a godsend!

Some people are just so buzzing with energy, it’s infectious. You end up becoming energetic yourself.

The second – Well.. It’s again from the place where we never expect positive surprises – Office.

Somebody super senior to you asking you for help and then saying that it wouldn’t have been possible without you… AMAZING FEELING!

And the icing on the cake – A couple in their sunset years (on the wrong side of eighty) – when most people are content with morning walks, newspapers and medicines – globetrotters (!!!) – people who have trouble standing up properly, are wobbly on their feet. Still holding hands and continuing their sojourn on the planet, visiting new countries, continents – Reclining on each other – HOLDING HANDS!


I don’t know what but it was beautiful. Very beautiful.

And all this in a single day!

God, you surely are too much 🙂 😉

© 2013 Ankita Kala

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