I found these lines written somewhere. No words. Just a lot of HOPE… 🙂

“If there is a future, there is time for mending.
Time to see your troubles coming to an ending.
Life is never hopeless, however great your sorrow,
if you’re looking forward to a new tomorrow.
If there is time for wishing then there is time for hoping,
when through doubt and darkness, you are blindly groping.
Though the heart be heavy and hurt, you may be feeling,
if there is time for praying, there is time for healing.
So if through your window, there is a new day breaking,
thank God for the promise, though mind and soul be aching.
If with harvest over, there is grain enough for gleaning,
there is a new tomorrow, and life still has meaning.”

All credits to the original writer.
I’m just the copycat here 😉

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