Learning to forget, after what seems like a lifetime of forgetting to learn….


© 2013 Ankita Kala

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  1. AnElephantCant remember
    What he proverbially never forgets
    He learned quite a lot
    He was very well taught
    So he is happy but with some regrets


    1. Ankita says:

      AnElephantCant be this similar to a girl
      Who learns and unlearns so fast
      Forgetting and remembering are phases she thinks
      Nothing except regrets can last


  2. AnElephantCant really agree here
    Not everything good can be forgotted (duh!)
    Regrets will pass
    My sweet young lass
    AnElephant has a son and a daughter and a grandson with whom he is besotted

    Please tell me that you are not really so despondent.
    AnElephant can fret about good people.


    1. Ankita says:

      AnElephant is right
      One shouldn’t look back with regrets
      There’s something to learn in each experience
      This girl will not like it if AnElephant frets!


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