The Regular

Another week, another Friday Fictioneers challenge!
This week Rochelle gave us the above photo prompt, the credit for which by the way goes to Ted.

They had put the bottles, well whatever was still remaining of the bottles, back onto the shelves.

The small and big lights were glittering here and there reflecting in the mirrors cautiously put above cracks on the walls.

Everything had been restored to perfection.

The earthquake had shaken everything away from the bar, even customers.

And they expected that she would have decided to leave all the same.

But as soon as the sign outside turned green, the first person to come sit behind the counter was her grainy form.

And now for the explanation which is absolutely necessary here. She’s a ghost who’s a regular at the bar. I really think it was necessary this time!

© 2013 Ankita Kala


38 thoughts on “The Regular

  1. Ankita, I agree with David that “grainy form” led us to believe she was a ghost. I liked the line about shaking the customers away. Good job.

    You might also put something between the end of your story and your explanation just to make it clearer where the story ends.



    1. Hey Janet,

      You guys are right! I hadn’t figured out it would be that strong a literary device! I stand corrected 🙂
      I’ve made the explanation a little slanted now. It was indeed looking like a part of the story.
      It’s so good to have you around and help me improve! Thanks 🙂 😀


  2. I got that she was a ghost. I also like the description of her form as “grainy”. The choice of that word made you pause and imagine how she appeared because while grainy is a great way to describe a ghost it’s not one of those typical descriptions that the eye would have glided right over. Great job!


  3. Oh that’s interesting. I took the same thing away from this picture. That the girl behind the bar was a ghost. I like the way you made her killed in an earthquake, which would explain the haunting! I like your imaginative take. 😀


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