The trappings of fame and attitude..or should I call it priorities?


Each one of us has some vision about our life. Some of us want to be accepted by others, some to live a normal life, some to enjoy and some others to achieve fame. It’s not that the first three don’t want it. Everybody wants to be famous, be revered, enjoy adulation and be treated better than average. Everybody wants to feel ‘special’. The people we’re considering here are the ones who are crazy for fame. The ones who are willing to sacrifice their present happiness, comfort and security for the sake of future fame which may or may not be realized. The ones who cannot sleep at night because they heard about another person getting famous while they are still continuing their existence without flashlights. They are the ones who don’t attend parties the whole world is going to because they want to spend that time honing their craft which will make them famous and assume that better parties than this will then follow. They are the ones who don’t spend money on good clothes or food because they need it to spend on the expensive equipment or training for their craft and future fame. They are the ones who give up health and camaraderie, friendships and family, and much more for the sake of fame.

But what happens when all this ‘sacrificing’ finally catches up on them?

Let’s analyze the two scenarios – one where they find the fame they so desperately wanted and second where they don’t.

In the first scenario, they get to travel the world. Paparazzi are at their doorstep every second. The who’s who of every circle knows them. The friends and family they gave up on, and heard much taunting from, now dote on them. They are the pallbearers of the family name, the doyen of everybody’s eyes, the gushed about name. But they don’t have time to enjoy this adulation for long anywhere. There’s always the next work commitment, the next must-be-seen-at function, the next whatever-you-can-think-of event coming up that promises to catapult their career into something bigger, better, faster that they have to attend. The small joys of life can wait, right? And anyway, they’ve been away so long that now they’re just a trophy family member or friend. The one who isn’t expected or invited to get involved in the real stuff happening in others’ lives, they’re just for the photographs.

And the second case, where they don’t make it big. What then? They live a life far removed from fame. A normal everyday life consisting of cheques, traffic jams, latest movies and matches, and constant comparison of themselves with the latest celebrities. Do they have an opportunity to experience the small joys of life? Yes. Do they enjoy them? Can’t say. Because if they were once that desperate about fame, it becomes for many a personal failure that they didn’t get it, rendering them prone to a constant state of loser-hood. They can’t enjoy normal life because they’re constantly comparing it to the life they dreamed of. And that didn’t materialize.  As opposed to the previous case, they are involved in all the real stuff happening in others’ lives, but whether they actually consider themselves up to the mark is quite another story. Their self respect is what goes down the drain. Something they can’t retrieve no matter what.

Of course, it doesn’t suffice to say that these are the only two categories. There are people who are very famous and share great bonds with their friends and family. They have a life beyond the flashlights too. There are people who failed at being famous but were not scarred by the experience and are able to enjoy life in a way everybody else does.

Then what is it that actually separates the first two from this third class of people – the ones who seem to have it all?

The answer – attitude. These people decide to make the most of what they have. They didn’t make it big? Fine, but they have everything else in order, right? That’s more than enough. Many people don’t even have that. They’re super-famous? Great, but why miss their niece’s 5th birthday party for some businessman’s son’s pool party.

It’s all about choosing what you want, what you want to think and what really matters to you, no matter what your situation or stature..

© 2013 Ankita Kala

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