In the thick of things

This is where i stand today,

With no will just a twisted way,

The sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach has deepened,

A capsized ship sucking everything with it into the sea,

Suction so hard my insides feel empty,

So sensitive i feel my breath going unto my heart,

Yet so senseless the degrading words pass right through me to the other side.


The fields are empty for want of rain,

And i’m standing in the middle of parched land,

Broken into chunks by lack of water,


Water’s no use anymore,

These scathing wounds are too deep to fill.


Looking up at you.


Not by my own stature but by your words,

This is my tattered soul, perforated now….

© 2013 Ankita Kala


4 Comments Add yours

  1. kasturika says:

    Who is this bully? How dare s(he) treat you thus? Stand up and show that it doesn’t matter. Nay, feel, believe and most important, realise that it doesn’t affect you. Because it doesn’t. Take care dear…


    1. Ankita says:

      It’s an ode to all the bullies i’ve had.. Not bullies actually.. Just people.. You know.. Who have the power to affect you..


  2. Ouch.
    Powerful writing, dear lady.


    1. Ankita says:

      Thank you, dear Elephant! 🙂


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