The Time Tale

I had a meeting one morning.

I reached the venue and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

The people I had to meet were occupied with something else.

For an hour.

Till lunchtime.

Till the evening.

Till the night.

And, well, the day ended with the meeting not happening.

Another day.

No meeting still.

Which made me wonder – If I had a day and a half to myself, left to my own devices, where would I spend it? What would I accomplish in that amount of time?

What is my power if I’m not able to control where my time goes? Can I say that “I” am in control of my life?

Time is power. Power is the ability to control your own time. The ability to command others’ time. It’s being able to pick and choose where your time will be spent. It’s being able to avoid your time getting wasted.

And realization, as I write this – I didn’t know it was supposed to be about power, it was just about a day of my life being spent in a way I had not envisaged.

And then a thought, is this the way most of our days are going?

© Ankita Kala 2016

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