The Fucks Not Given

I am, right now, reading this incredible book – The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck.

I know many of you might have heard about it or read it already. But I just wanted to write this on the odd chance that somebody who hasn’t heard about it yet or has it somewhere in their to-read list gets up and reads it.

I procrastinated for a long time before starting this one. It had been looking out at me from the arms of my friends and acquaintances, in gifting ceremonies at office events, at bookstores, in all the best books lists and just about everywhere else. Enticing me, asking me why I’m not reading it yet. Probably testing out my patience too. So finally here I am. I am halfway through the book.

Here’s to the simple genius of Mark Manson and this uber witty quote in his book.

P.S. – Did I mention I’ve made note of almost half of the lines I’ve read so far! Everything is so profound you don’t want to lose any chain of thought for fear that you might not read it again!

© Ankita Kala 2019

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