Back To The Basics

It was a normal day. Several years ago. I was doing my normal daily tasks. But something was amiss. I was irritated with everything and everybody. No, I wasn’t hungry. I wasn’t suffering from heartbreak. I hadn’t fought with anybody. I didn’t have a big decision staring me in the face. I wasn’t physically hurt….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

Because sometimes life’s basest pleasures and mundane things are more important than the big ones. What better way to interpret a treat! 🙂 In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Treat.”


“Wheeeeeee”, she shouted as the carousel spun them almost parallel to the ground. It was her first time in an amusement park. She had never seen so many colors together. Never felt so happy. Never known that this world existed. Her daily existence as a “boy” at the restaurant had meant seeing dirty dishes, people…


I had read that putting your positive thoughts on paper makes them more profound. Man! Am i realising it ever since i started this blog?!Day 2 of looking for something special in a day. And i have more than one thing today too?! Now this is something i never expected. Seriously!The first – A gentleman,…

Be Careful What You Wish For

They say, “Be careful what you wish for, it actually might come true.”Yesterday i was hoping for just one good thing every day that would make it enough for me to update my blog. And i was skeptical for sure.But man, did i get it? An old acquaintance came to see me all the way to…