Back To The Basics

It was a normal day. Several years ago. I was doing my normal daily tasks. But something was amiss. I was irritated with everything and everybody. No, I wasn’t hungry. I wasn’t suffering from heartbreak. I hadn’t fought with anybody. I didn’t have a big decision staring me in the face. I wasn’t physically hurt….

Ethu Kari Raavilum

They say music is a universal language, it speaks without words. That’s why instrumentals and themes are there. That’s why wordless music still manages to get across what it wants to say. That’s how it’s possible to understand what a song wants to convey without knowing what the lyrics mean. Case in point – this…

TBT: November Rain

Some songs have that something (and some artists too, you know!) They can lift you up and break you down And make you smile and weep And tear your heart and resurrect you And sometimes just leave you somewhere in between…in limbo Not for nothing are they called classics.. Listening to one such classic today…

This Day – The Fray

Discovery of the day! This band I hadn’t listened to till today, As the curtain dawns on this day, I’m hearting THE FRAY! 🙂