WPC : Rare

This week, the Daily Post challenged us to post something Rare, which, to me, meant a photo like this. I’ve always wanted to take one and always failed. Until now. Although, for this one also, I think I need to thank the person who shook my arm while I was clicking this more than my photography…

Weekly Photo Challenge : Vibrant

In response to this week’s photo challenge prompt Vibrant, here’s a photograph taken on a walk through the winding roads of Himalayas. Take some perfect sunshine, add the morning sun lighting up everything in its wake and what you get is Vibrant!   © Ankita Kala 2016

Weekly Photo Challenge : Oops

In response to the WordPress Photo Challenge – Oops! The game had been long And fraught with several “twists and turns” There were strategies being made and changed Until this moment Which captured the great structure for one last time Before it collapsed and we all went… oops! © Ankita Kala 2015


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ornate.” © Ankita Kala 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

For this week’s photo challenge, the theme is culture. And this picture is what i chose for a comeback of sorts. I haven’t blogged since close to two months properly and what better than God’s name to make a start! This picture is of an Indian temple at the time of Aarti, which is the time of…