We are all sometimes bogged down. By insecurities, problems, circumstances, attitudes, fear, etc. Most of the times, the ‘bogging down’ is for a short period of time – a few minutes, hours, days.. In my case, it carried on a li’l further. I remained in a cocoon of insecurities and botched up life-and-death scenarios for months.
Result – No blogging for almost 4 months.
But then i took a much-feared, apprehension-laden trip and saw this view….
I always used to wonder why people go to seaside to think things over.
Those classic hero sitting on the rocks as wave after wave crashes onto the rocky shore were simply that – movielore.
But then, i experienced it…..
As i looked on, i forgot time.
All i could remember was wave after wave coming closer and soothing my nerves.
So much, that i didn’t even mind grinning to myself.
And that’s that……the comeback.
Much is to be written, shared, said, stored, displayed.
Until next time then!

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