Starts With Feeling Like Fanfic, Ends Up Being Terrific!

When you’ve waited for something too long and have, at times, feared its existence to be a mere rumor, you are essentially an embodiment of expectations when it comes to facing that thing


And butterflies in the stomach

And excitement


Anticipation of grandeur

Anticipation of excellence

Anticipation of magic!

And with all that built up anticipation, you could end up being disappointed by something which is quite good in itself

Well, this book is clearly not the best-written and it’s clearly not a book but a script

And well, it has its deviations from the classic HP style of writing

It does appear to be more “with the times”, using figures of speech more contemporary than the original books

You are somewhat disappointed as you go through the chatter of characters in a language unknown to you as a Potterhead

As you see your favorite characters behaving in a different way

Your heart does break when all this happens

But as the plot develops, you are engrossed

The plot (no, no spoilers here!) takes you back to feeling that same HP feeling at times

Because this tale ends up being almost as scary, smart, complicated, confusing, serious, wondrous and magical as the others

In conclusion, the title sums it all up!

© Ankita Kala 2016

Image credits to the original franchise

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  1. Well said and written!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ankita says:

      Thank you so much, Rashmi!


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